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WIP - Jezpalimu the Beast Master by Slapperfish WIP - Jezpalimu the Beast Master by Slapperfish
Oh look, World of Warcraft fan art! I'm eventually going to color this one in, so don't get your pants in a knot just yet because it's in black and white. XD

Well anyway, here's some currently uncolored WoW fan art of my Troll Hunter, Jezpalimu.

A well-known beast master among the Darkspear, Jezpalimu is just as deadly as he is stylish. He refuses to travel anywhere in Azeroth (or otherwise) without his Stylin' Crimson Hat, which he believes has brought him more luck than any mojo charm or juju bee ever will.

Seasoned in the ways of Goblin-specialized Engineering, he's secretly perfected the ability to craft custom, top-quality precision ammunition, allowing him to score fatal shots even when his pets are obstructing his view.

When he's not having Reptar (his green Devilsaur, seen in the background) hold its own against masses of enemies at once, he's busy tending to his pet stables, making sure each and every one of his pets are fighting fit, if the time comes for him to call upon one for aid.

Let me know whatcha guys think!


EDIT: I've updated the picture with some minor things I overlooked while drawing it without reference. Also, a lil' more shading.
Toramelle Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2012  Student General Artist
dat hat
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